The Treatment of Hyperpigmentation

Dark Spots? Patches? Uneven Skin Tone? – LE CHIC has the Answer!

Most people suffering from skin pigmentation problems characterized by uneven tone or patches on the skin are not aware that something can be done about them. 

Here, we take a look at what causes pigmentation problems and how LE CHIC’s highly effective skin revision methods are used to deliver brighter, smoother even skin tone.

What is Skin Pigmentation?

Your skin contains skin cells called Melanocytes that produce a substance called Melanin. Melanin is the substance that gives the skin its colour. It is also commonly referred to as skin pigment.

Melanin is secreted by the melanocyte cells to form a layer just beneath the outer layer of the skin or more accurately, the first layer of the epidermis. The purpose of melanin is to act as a filter protecting the skin from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays that penetrate deep into the skin.


What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

Dark spots or uneven skin tone is caused by under or over activity of the melanocytes that either produce too little or too much melanin causing patches or discoloration of the skin. Discoloration can also occur if the skin is damaged or traumatized in some way.

Pigmentation problems occur in two different forms; Passive and Inflammatory

Passive Pigmentation results from an internal imbalance which stimulates the melanin stimulating hormone. These imbalances can be caused by pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, the contraceptive pill and various medications.

Inflammatory Pigmentation occurs as a result of the activation of our skin's natural defences. Melanin moves up to defend against trauma caused by sun exposure, poor skin products or injury.

Treating pigmentation disorders generally involve medication, deep-peeling or bleaching the skin. More effective methods involve regulating the natural processes of the skin and stimulating the skin cells to balance melanocyte activity and normalize the secretion of melanin.

LE CHIC’s Approach to Treating Hyperpigmentation 

The world-acclaimed DMK Skin Revision system developed by Dr Danné Montague-King is LE CHIC’s primary method of treatment. Our unique approach delivers excellent results for almost any common skin condition.

The DMK MELANOTECH System has been hailed as the only pigmentation system that really works without bleaching the skin. This principle is based on inhibiting the amino acid Tyrosine from reacting with the enzyme Tyrosinase to produce melanin.

Several natural but potent inhibitors are used in the formulation of the DMK MELANOTECH products that stop the production of Melanin while you are removing dark spots and hyper-pigmentation normally located in the upper layers of the epidermis.

These types of pigmentation problems belong in the inflammatory category; hyper-pigmentation from sources outside the skin such as sun damage, chemical burns, perfumes or overzealous extractions of pimples, comedones or milia.

Products For the Treatment Of Hyperpigmentation 

Here at LE CHIC, we utilize a combination of powerful formulas that are formulated to match the chemistry of your own skin.

DMK SUPER BRIGHT is designed for safe but deep lightening of dark spots. This product is effective on most types of pigmentation problems including lentigines (raised dark spots on aging and badly sun damaged skins) and other less severe forms of uneven skin tones. It can be used on any area of the body and are especially beneficial to people with deeper skin tones.

More severe conditions of hyperpigmentation such as chloasma from pregnancy or other hormonal induced melasmas will have to be treated with SUPER BRIGHT and the MELANOTECH products. These conditions are known as passive pigmentation disorders.


Skin Revision Treatments for Pigmentation 

LE CHIC treatments for hyperpigmentation are designed for use anywhere on the body. We analyse the individual case of pigmentation and tailor a targeted treatment program. 

Sometimes treatment programs are used in combination for optimum results but the primary goal is to restore the skin's own natural functioning at cellular level ensuring that the unwanted condition does not return.

MELANOZONE This highly effective treatment revises uneven skin tone and discoloration of the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and skin conditions and can be used to treat any area of the body where a pigmentation issue has manifested.

BIHAKU This skin brightening treatment helps to even out skin tone and lighten the complexion of the skin. It also addresses coarse pigmented skin, uneven texture and other imperfections of the skin to give you a brighter and more even luminous complexion.

PRO ALPHA SIX LAYER PEEL This is an excellent peeling treatment program for sun-damaged pigmentation, irregular skin colour and large areas of discoloration. It also works to remove fine lines, wrinkles, rough course skin, uneven texture and scarring

PRO PEEL This is a gentler option to DMK's PRO ALPHA SIX LAYER PEEL. It removes darker areas of skin by ingesting the dead, dark skin cells and is safe for all types of skin

Excellent Long-Term Results 






You're in good hands with LE CHIC when it comes to treating hyperpigmentation disorders. With over 30 years of experience and a reputation that is unsurpassed for delivering amazing results, you can be assured that you'll get what you want. 

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